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Part of JUNE 24th – JULY 9th

The Southwark LGBT+ Pride Festival is a contribution to Pride in London, the festival of arts and community activity built up around the Pride Parade on Saturday July 8th.  It runs June 24th – July 9th and takes place all over London, in venues large and small.

As part of this, Homo Promos Theatre Company and The Ivy House are proudly contributing to this with a Southwark LGBT Pride Festival mainly based at the Ivy House.  It will consist of theatre, cabaret, films, quizzes and other surprise mystery events!

Highlights so far:  A London-wide Quiz Contest called the Capital Quiz; the premiere of a classic gay film long thought lost, called ‘David is Homosexual’, made in Lewisham in 1976; pioneering LGBT Rights/Equalities campaigner and 1980s politician Linda Bellos in conversation; a community play about the last 2 men hanged for sodomy in Britain, performed outside the house where they were arrested; and a very special Special Guest whose very name will recall the days of the 1970s and 80s when the Ivy House was in its glory days as a music venue.

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It’s Saturday July 9th 


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