The Ivy House

September 1st and 2nd:

Private functions in both rooms from 4 pm

Sunday, 3rd September:

Sunday Jazz – 2.30 – 5pm. Free

Bring Your Own Vinyl Night (BYOV)

5.30pm – Onwards, FREE ENTRY

It’s an out and out Wax Attack!

Expect a monster list of the greatest artists coming out of the grooves.


Wednesday 6th September:

Dowdeswell’s Comedy Corner!

Regular monthly comedy night bringing you laughs from all around the UK. Hosted by James Dowdeswell

7.30 pm £10 on the door

 Thursday 7th September :

Arran and The Argonauts


Saturday 9th September:

Private Function in Both rooms from 12 pm

Sunday, 10th September:

Sunday Jazz 2.30 – 5pm. Free

Monday 11th September

Larkin’ Woods Casual Folk Session – 8pm


Tuesday 12th September

Irish Folk Session

Wednesday 13th September

Pub Quiz 8pm £2 entry

Saturday 16th September


The Blox – Ian Dury and The Blockheads Tribute

and Tonky Honk

Tickets £5- available via link below or from the Ivy House bar

Tuesday 19th September

Jim Rattigan Quartet

£5 on the door

Three hours of explosive and vibrant Jazz from some of London’s best and most experienced players. This is going to be fun.

Friday 22nd September

South London Blues Festival

Friday, 30th September:

The Goose Is Out! Concert Night



Friday, 1st September:

Saturday, 2nd September:

Pub Quiz 

8pm – Onwards, Ballroom

£2 Entry Per Person

Sunday, 3rd September:

Monday, 4th September:

Wooly Mondays

Knitting Group

7:30pm – Onwards: Front Bar

Tuesday, 5th September:

Wednesday, 6th September:

Thursday, 7th September:

Friday, 8th September:

Saturday, 9th September:

Sunday, 10th September:

Monday, 11th September:

Friday, 14th September:

Saturday, 15th September:

Sunday, 16th September:

Monday, 14th September:

Woolly Mondays

Knitting & Crochet Group

7:30pm Onwards: Front Bar

 All Levels Welcome

Friday, 29th September: