Weekly & Monthly Events

Weekly Events

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  • Every Monday: Woolly Mondays (knitting circle). 7.30 Onwards.
  • Every Tuesday: Live Irish music session, 9.15pm
  • Every Wednesday: The Ivy House Pub Quiz! 8pm
  • Fortnightly Sunday: Food Assembly:  10am-12, in the Beer Garden.
  • Every Sunday Yoga sessions
    • Beginners: 9.30-10.30am
    • All Welcome, Vinyasa Flow: 10.45am – 11.45/noon.
    • Contact yoginilynne@gmail.com for info.
  • Every Sunday Lunchtime: Live Jazz presented by Sunday Lunch Tongue.
    • 2.30-5pm: FREE ENTRY
    • Every week a wonderfully talented Jazz band grace the gold-curtained Ivy House stage. The band changes from week to week so look out for the following:
      • First and second Sunday of the month: alternating bands. Watch this space!
      • Doolally Tap play every third Sunday of the month and always wow audiences with their uniquely energetic brand of vintage jazz. Originally hatched in a dark corner of south-east London, the band’s spiritual home is 1920s New Orleans. Drawing inspiration from Crescent City musicians like King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, as well as the “second line” bands that they came out of, Doolally Tap’s music evokes the true spirit and energy of the prohibition era.
      • The Jeff Williams Swamp Lounge play every fourth Sunday of the month. Trombonist and vocalist, he utilises a fine trio of piano, bass & drums to help bring colour to a vast repertoire of tunes, which they deliver with great musical prowess.

Monthly Events



  • First Sunday of the Month: Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV)
    • 5.30pm – 10.30pm FREE ENTRY
  • Second Monday of every month: Larkin’ the Woods — Community Folk Band
    • 8 – 9.30pm. FREE ENTRY
  • Second Sunday of the month: The Goose is Out’s SingaRound,
    • 7.30pm £2 On the Door.
  • Second Thursday of the month: The Goose is Out’s Club Night,
    • 7pm. Live Folk Music Ticket price varies.
  • Third Sunday of the month: Sunday M.A.S.S. Live Blues, Soul, R&B
    • 7.30pm – 10pm

Pre-School Classes at The Ivy House*


Upcoming Events



The Ivy House

Sunday 4th June:

Bring Your Own Vinyl Night (BYOV)

@ 5.30pm – 10:30pm FREE ENTRY

It’s an out and out Wax Attack!

Expect a monster list of the greatest artists coming out of the grooves.


Monday 5th June :


Doors @ 7:30pm  Tickets £10


Online   http://www.wegottickets.com/event/391144

More on The Burning Hell


The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of Canadian songwriter Mathias Kom, and the band has been on the road in one form or another since 2007, playing everywhere from the chaos of Glastonbury to the loneliness of the Arctic Circle, popping up in bars, festival tents, living rooms, abandoned bunkers, and a mental asylum in rural France along the way. Musically, the lineup and sound of the Burning Hell has been ever-changing, running the gamut from introspective folk to hyperactive rock and roll. This means both that no two Burning Hellrecords sound alike, and that the band can adapt to its surroundings like a karma of anthropomorphic chameleons, taking the audience on a supermarket-cart ride through hooky, upbeat pop songs, dark ballads about pet euthanasia, and anthems for barbarians, economic conferences, and love.

In 2017, The Burning Hell is set to record and release their eighth full-length album, embarking on a tour that will take them from the Rocky Mountains to the Mountains of Mourne, across the Tyrrhenian and the Norwegian Seas, and many other places in between. Always restless, The Burning Hell looks forward to a year of new sounds, new songs, and new people to share them with.

 Thursday 8th June :

The Goose Is Out! Clubnight

Doors @ 7pm £7 ENTRY 



These two young, dynamic musicians formed as a duo in late 2011. Danny (from Essex) plays Hurdy Gurdy and Accordion and Rosie (from Wiltshire) plays five-string fiddle and sings. They  play mostly English and French songs and tunes.

“Energetic, yet refined, expressive but totally rooted in the groove, these two musicians effortlessly delight and compel the listener. A beautiful combination of English and French music that is superb to listen to and amazing to dance to!” – John Dipper (English Acoustic Collective, Methera, Morris Offspring and Dipper & Daniels).

Unlike the TGIO Concerts, there is no advance booking for Club Nights
Unbooked Floor Spots available


Friday 9th June:

Pull the Other One :


Doors @ 8pm    Show @ 9pm

 £10 tickets behind the Bar

 £12 Online  https://www.wegottickets.com/event/405503

It’s going to be the Day after the main event ….come celebrate or commiserate with Pull The Other One at the infamous Golden Lounge and the wonderful anarchic heart of New Wave Variety in SE London.

Pull The Other One is an extraordinary evening with acts bizarre, humorous and delightful. Most comedy shows nowadays are just a string of stand-ups with occasionally, an odd act thrown in.

Vivienne and Martin Soan’s monthly Pull The Other One club at the Ivy House is old-style variety mingled with comic performance art and never short of the unexpected and bizarre. It’s no surprise that Pull The Other One attracts a varied audience including artists, musicians and celebrities in search of an inspirational night out themselves.

“I will be coming back here as much as I can” – Omid Djaili

“Performing at this club was the 17th highlight of my life” – Arthur Smith

CONTACT: comedyarts@gmail.com
FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/PTOOCOMEDY/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com @PTOOcomedy


Sunday 11th June:

The Goose Is Out! SingaRound

@ 7pm  £2 Entry


TGIO!  SingaRound is very informal and participative – no mics, no lights, no audience, we sing for ourselves. And we don’t sit in a circle!






Monday 12th June :

LARKIN WOODS — Community Folk Band

8pm – 9.30pm. FREE ENTRY


Thursday 15th June:

STRANGE BREW — Classic Rock Band  

8pm – Onwards. FREE ENTRY


Sunday 18th June:



Sunday M.A.S.S

(Music Appreciation Society Sundays)

Featuring the musical talents of Kat Eaton & the House Band with NEW Special Guests each month!

JUNE Special Guest: Arthur Lea


Music begins at 7:30pm

A suggested collection of £5 shall be taken on behalf of the band

Sunday MASS


Sunday 26th June:

From Fairly Vocal to Varifocal – Cabaret

8pm – 10pm. FREE ENTRY  

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1102062316604637

Twitter: @homopromos

Hashtag: #fairlyvocal

Clare Summerskill and Martha D. Lewis present an Evening of Song and Celebration: From Fairly Vocal to Varifocal. Many of you will know Clare from her peerless work in oral history which has resulted in such classic books of reminiscence as Gateway to Heaven, Hearing Voices and Rights of Passage. However, before that, she was an incredibly talented lesbian musical comedy cabaret performer, initially in the duo Alice and Clare, with Alice Arnold, and then as a solo performer. Now with a new album out, Love to be Found, Clare is back with a vengeance. She is joined for this occasion by half of another talented duo; singer/composer Martha D. Lewis. Martha met Eve Polycarpou in 1987, and formed the hugely successful Donna and Kebab, everybody’s favourite Greeks. The duo mutated into Donna and Kbb and then Martha and Eve. Martha will, like Clare, be featuring a lot of new material, and we are hugely honoured to have secured them for the Festival at the Ivy House in something of a coup!

Monday 27th June:


8pm – 10pm. FREE ENTRY  

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1102062316604637

Twitter: @homopromos

Hashtag: #telltaletracks

Everyone knows of Desert Island Discs, the Britain’s longest-running radio show apart from the Daily Service; in it, a ‘castaway’ chooses 8 records to take to a desert island in the event they are shipwrecked.  This is slightly different, with an emphasis on life-changing music.  Music accompanies our most intense moments, inspires us, boosts us and occasionally blows our minds.  In ‘Tell-Tale Tracks’, five guests will choose and talk about three pieces of music each which have helped to make them the person they are today and to do what they do.  Members of the audience are also invited to bring a single life-changing track to the gig, and talk about how it affected them.  .MP3 format please, on phone, SD card, or memory stick.

Confirmed Speakers are:

LINDA BELLOS:  Leader of Lambeth Council 1985 – 88, who came out as a lesbian in 1980.  One of the main scapegoats of the Tory Press, she was attacked as ‘loony left’ for introducing equalities provision in services which, thirty years later, are regarded as standard by most authorities.  Of mixed heritage, she now works as an equalities consultant.

ANDREW LUMSDEN:  Member of the Gay Liberation Front 1970-73, co-founder of ‘Gay News’ 1972, ‘Financial Times’ journalist, painter and tour guide.  He has just completed ‘Henry Labouchere and the Sodomites’, a biography of the life and times of the MP whose infamous amendment martyred Oscar Wilde and thousands of other gay men.

KATE HUTCHINSON: CEO of Wipe Out Transphobia, and rock musician.  She was inspired to transition by a number of performers who blurred the lines of gender, and their songs, from the 1970s onwards; which will she choose…??  She has been performing herself for many years.

WILL McCALLUM:   Young environmental activist who acts as a political adviser to Greenpeace.  He lives his beliefs, founding a bicycle co-operative Broken Spokes, working to challenge militarism in all forms in Forces Watch, and now a leading activist (he would question the word ‘leading’) in Sexual Avengers.  Sexual Avengers reclaim London’s LGBT History, and take direct action to protest a variety of causes.  They organised the Queer Bridge (Vauxhall) in the anti-Trump demonstration, Bridges not Walls.

Thursday 29th June:

Killer Drag Queens on Dope

8pm – 11pm. FREE ENTRY

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1916588421917937

Twitter: @homopromos
Hashtag: #killerdragqueens

A tribute to transwoman actor Alexis (Alex) Arquette, who died late last year from cardiac arrest, having lived with HIV for 29 years. Alex was a vocal activist for trans rights, and when playing gay men earlier in her career (I think I do) was equally assertive for positive gay characters. Mainly involved in underground/Indie movies, she was also a cabaret performer and cartoonist, and greatly loved by other performers.

She appears in ‘Killer Drag Queens on Dope’ under her cabaret performing name, Eva Destruction. She and Omar Alexis play two drugged-up drag queens who are secretly contract killers. The heavies either want to kill them or sleep with them…. This ultra-low budget movie is very much a marmite flick – it’s either a trash classic, if you’re on its wavelength, or a tedious bit of self-indulgence. But both fans and detractors agree that Alex is commanding, luminous.

Showing with Laurel and Hardy’s Twice Two, in which each has a dual role as self and sister, and so they end up marrying each other twice, if you see what I mean. L & H may not have been gay, but they were certainly Queer.

Friday 30th June:

The Goose Is Out! Concert Night


Tickets can be bought online at http://www.wegottickets.com/thegooseisout



Sunday BBQ Menu

Lamb Kofta served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 11

Cajun Rump steak served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 11.50

Piri Piri chicken wings served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 10.50

Chickpea, pepper and apricot kofta served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 10

Please note although our chickpea kofta is vegan the salads that accompany it contain diary; should you wish a vegan serving please let your server know and we will be happy to accommodate

Children’s menu

Lamb Kofta served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 5.50

Chicken wings served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 5.50

Chickpea, pepper and apricot kofta served with Greek Feta salad, coleslaw, potato salad and green lentil salad 5.00


Chocolate pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (n) 4.50

Sticky Toffee pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 4.50

Ice cream – choice of Devon Toffee, Vanilla or Strawberry 3.00

Ice cream cone with a scoop of either Devon Toffee, Vanilla or Strawberry 1.50

Kids’ single scoop 1.00

Burger Menu



Chicken Ceasar salad served with croutons and anchovies 11.50

Linguine served with King prawns and squid with a fresh tomato sauce 12.50

Tabbouleh salad topped with bean, sundried tomato and mushroom balls served with a Romesco sauce (N) (V) 12.00

The Ivy House Burger 9.50

Lamb burger drizzled with Tzatziki 11

Cajun chicken burger served with lime mayo 10

Chicken satay burger served with pickled cucumber (n) 9.50

Spinach and lentil burger served with salsa (vegan) 9.50

All burgers served in a sourdough bun with tomato, rocket, and a side of chips.
Add bacon, cheese, pickled cucumber, caramelised onions or jalapeños for £1 each.

Kids’ menu served until 7.30pm

The Ivy House Kids burger served with rocket, tomato and chips 5.50

Mini spinach and lentil burger (v) 5.50

Choice of vanilla, strawberry or Devon toffee ice cream 3.00

Chocolate pudding served with cream (n) 4.50


Kitchen Info

Our food menu places the emphasis squarely on Traditional Pub Grub, made with care and served with enthusiasm. We offer a full menu for lunch and dinner Thursday – Saturday; on Monday and Tuesday we are closed for lunch but we offer a delicious burger menu for dinner, which you can view below. On Sunday during the summer we serve a wonderful BBQ Menu.

If you are a large group please ring ahead to confirm availability: you can reach the pub on 020 7277 8233. We do not usually reserve tables for Sunday lunch.